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Discover the advantages
of promoting your business on the Web.
If you have been thinking about a web site, now is the time to act.

Using the Internet to find local businesses has gone mainstream.
When it’s managed properly, you don’t need a huge, complex, or expensive web site.  You don’t need to compete nationally, because you can promote yourself to people within driving distance.  Brick and Mortar Internet marketing is different than E-Business marketing, and guess who has the advantage?  You can attract new customers, help them visit your business, influence people to call you, and keep in touch to help customers come back.  It’s harder to get people to buy online.
Designing a Web site is easier than you think.
You know the most about your business, and you would be the person to give all the information to the designer.  You know what your customers are looking for.  You know how your products and services fit the customers needs.  You can tell customers what your particular specialty is and why.  You can show your customers your community standing and membership in local organizations.  You can explain your customer service policies, who or when to call, and how you are the one who treats the customers right.  And, most importantly, how to get to your location.  We can help, and the All in One Web Solution makes it easy, but your web site should start with you.  Tweak-Geeks will also evaluate your site at no charge, provided you have hosted it with us.
Reserve your Business Name as your Domain Name.
Your Business Name differentiates your business, your Domain Name differentiates your web site. It is best if they match, but that is not always possible.  If you can’t reserve your business name, try an abbreviation or your business name and location.  For example or  Hyphens are not recommended even though Tweak-Geeks uses them. Tweak-Geeks is the business name, which is why we use it.  People don’t like to type in hyphens, and they have not been proven to help the search engines.  We think the opposite, that it hurts when submitting to the search engines.  The engines try to key to one word, usually the first, (tweak.)  We chose to keep the site the same as the business.  Dot Coms are the most desirable and effective top level domains.
Your Home Page is the Invitation to Your Business.
Write a short introduction about what you do.  If you have room. Include a site index or navigator bar.  Use several photos of your business storefront, employees, services, and products.  Customers like to refer to the staff by their names, but the first name is all that is needed.  Have someone who has experience take the pictures.  You don’t just want pictures, you want to tell your story about your company.  Maps are always good to use, and don’t forget phone numbers or driving instructions.
Use Your Web site for Special Promotions.
We often see businesses selling their products at the auction sites and then complaining because the profits are not what was expected,  W e thought this was obvious, but business are conditioned to over commercialize and over advertise.  Most of the auction sites sell because the products are at extreme discounts.  If you have to give your product away because it’s time dated,  or you bought too much, why not just offer a special Email promotion to get people into your store?  We can help.
Why Tweak-Geeks?
If you have read this entire page, you can see we know what we are talking about.  This is important because our customers depend on our knowledge and experience.  We also know that surveys have shown, most business don’t like many big hosting companies.  Why?  First, you usually pay more.  Or, if you get a super deal on one item like a domain name, then you get stiffed for the rest of a package.  Our clients often call or Email us with their questions before they order, we call or email them back.  We are glad they are confident enough in us to do this.  (Yes, you can still log in for the 24/7 support, and we may ask you to. It will depend on the problem or question.)  We are professionals at network design, E-commerce, security, web design, hosting, custom software design, and custom built servers for small and medium business.  We don’t record CDs, run flea markets, or sell get rich marketing.  We cater to real businesses with easy to use solutions, that work with cohesive IT policies, which will not compound your problems.  This lets you dedicate more time to actually running your business.
You also get Superior Online Web Building Tools.
Even Beginners can put together a good web site.  But you also get all the professional elements necessary for E-Business and Corporate IT Solutions.  This includes ICANN Domain Names with Spam and Phishing prevention.  Free Email, means yourname @yourcompany,com, without all the hassles.  Express Email Marketing provides a Newsletter or Survey Builder, Email Designer and List Database Manager with Opt In/Out magnets.  This means you and only you, get access to your customer lists.  Quick Shopping carts allow you to build an attractive online store in minutes, build a product catalogue and select from a variety of payment choices.  The 128 bit SSL Certificates allow  you and your clients, todo business Securely, because the information is encrypted and remains private.  Traffic Blazer drives traffic to your site through Site Optimization, specific preparation for Google, Site Analysis, Search Optimization, and Automated Submission.  C-Site Copyright Services protect you when your site gets insanely popular. It gives you indisputable proof of ownership quickly and easily.
Only Tweak-Geeks brings it all together to help you succeed.  
Promote Your Business
We Care About Your Privacy
It is our pledge that we will never give or sell any of your information used on this site. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding this policy.
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