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The “All In One Web Site Solution”
Allows you to register your ICANN Domain Name, Set Up your  Web Site, Host your site Inexpensively, set up e-Commerce, and create Spam Free Email accounts, while providing Online Marketing Tools.

This set of cutting edge tools, enables you to build a Complete Web Site in very little time. You will get great results, regardless of your level of experience.
Best of all, you wont need to buy difficult and expensive web authoring applications like FrontPage or Dreamweaver! You can do everything from your browser.
If you prefer to use your own editor, like Expression Web, you only need a Domain and Hosting.

You get Our expert advice and recommendations before, or after setting up your site, and personal 24/7 Web Support Service!.

Register or transfer a Domain and get a Free Starter or Parked Web Page.
Your Domain can be active, parked, or it can be moved to or from a different Host.
We do not put any Advertising on your sites.

Domains use Online set-up and instant account activation with No Setup Fees.
Dedicated IP’s are available.  Take the first step in establishing a web presence - Securing Your chosen Domain Name.  Private Registrations are still available using Domains By Proxy ™.  Domains are purchased for a pre-determined length of time, usually from one to ten years. Free Domain Locking is included. This prevents any changing of your domain's vital ownership information without your approval.

Email Forwarding saves you time.  If you have multiple Email accounts for your site, your work, and your home, it is very difficult and time consuming to check each one of them.  This allows you to set up to 100 variations on your basic "@ yourdomain name" email address, which you can forward anywhere you like.  Forward all the separate accounts to the email account you check every day,  (This way you don’t need to check all the accounts separately.)

Total DNS Control lets you manage your domain name server (DNS) records, set your email, FTP, sub-directories, web site location, and more.  Domain Forwarding & Masking sets different WWW addresses to an existing site.  Transfers can change Registrars, or just change their Hosting to our Servers.  The transfer fee extends your Domain ownership for one year.

Easily Create Your Own Web Site!
Create anything from your own personal single-purpose page, up to a powerful e-commerce site that's ready to roll. From $4.95/month!  This differs from the Start or For Sale Page.  More than 800 professionally designed templates are available.  A handy photo album helps to organize the images you use.  Over 1,700 custom photo graphics.  Custom color sets to give your site a designer's touch. Spell checking. Performance testing and much more are included.  The Simple Browser Interface means you don’t have to buy expensive Software, or learn any new Technical Applications, like FrontPage or Dreamweaver.   We make it Simple, Fast, and Easy.  The Browser Interface has all the Technical Abilities too.  It provides HTML Editing or Importing, Meta Tags, Hit Counter, Scrolling Marquee, Date / Time Stamp, Spell Checking, Excel® import/export, Specialty Pages, Site Preview, Site Map, Image Editing (editor/wysiwyg), Site Analysis, Tables, and even Auto-link generation
with source code tracking. WOW!

Fraud, Spam, & Virus Protected Email from $9.95/yr!
POP3 or Web configured, advertising-free E-Mail Accounts create unique personal names for your accounts.  This allows you to send and receive e-mail using popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and others.  Web Mail includes PDA/Handheld and light versions.

"Phishing" fraud, Spam, and Anti-Virus protection Email details.
Tweak-Geeks's advanced fraud protection program effectively protects you from Phishing schemes by detecting and intercepting the Phishing, and other fraudulent messages, before they reach your inbox.  Tweak-Geeks detects the Phishing schemes by examining links embedded in the incoming e-mail messages.  If a link appears to be pointing to legitimate site, but in fact leads to a fraudulent destination; the message is considered fraudulent and is intercepted.  Spam filtering uses Smart Technology that identifies spam before it can become a nuisance.  And you can train it to identify and defeat new spam techniques.  Virus protection keeps your computer safe from the malicious viruses and Trojans lurking in e-mails. 5 Email Addresses and 1000 MB Total Storage from only $19.95/year!

Express Mail Marketing lets you create and send colorful, image-rich newsletters, invitations, announcements, event notifications, product/service updates, promotions, holiday greetings and more. 1. Create a mailing campaign using a wide selection of professional templates. 2. Add individuals from your Web Sites subscribers list. 3. View the Campaign Report generated from your responses. This is a professional Contact Manager for Customer and Prospect,administration not Spammers.
5000-Email Basic Edition is just $9.95/year

Search Optimization uses search engine tools to fine tune your site.Site Optimization and Analysis will spot weaknesses and make suggestions. HTML Review Update reviews you sites HTML Code. List Checking Report verifies the search engines and directories actually have your site listed. New Quick Submit Feature allows you to submit your site to the major search engines in minutes. Regional specific search engine submission, lets you submit to a specific geographic area. Submits your site to more than 200 search engines and directories. Just $24.95 per year, per URL.
Facts about the
“All In One Web Site Solution.”

Develop your Web, with a powerful platform and,

a world-class network, for just a few dollars per month!

Tweak-Geeks  also offers it’s traditional Web Site Management Services.
This differs from the All In One Web Site Solution because we do all the work. We also offer support and services that can not be arranged through the All In One tools.
This is a Tweak-Geeks exclusive. Other hosting plans set you up and forget you.
You can set up your domain and have us  do all the rest for you. Or we can do it all, from the Domain Name up. It’s up to you. You can call us at 734-692-9500 or Email us with your questions..
Box 412
Trenton MI. 48183
Tel: (734)-692-9500,
We Care About Your Privacy
It is our pledge that we will never give or sell any of your information used on this site. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding this policy.
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