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Why use Tweak-Geeks mail when I get web mail Free?


  1. No advertising!

  2. Connect to your Mobile Phone and your computer.

  3. Now includes Free Greeting Cards for all occasions.

  4. Mail stays on your computer if you use a POP client.  

  5. If you change your provider, your email is not affected.

  6. Use web mail or a POP client and still get text messages.

  7. Inexpensive, more powerful and more secure.

  8. Single Client or Group available.

       And more !

Mobile Mail Log In.

IMAP, POP, or Exchange?   What should I get?


  Each of these email protocols work on web-based systems to transfer

messages from a server. Each one supports most email clients. So, no matter

what email client you choose, you can access your email on a remote server.

Mobile plans Support BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, Windows Mobile®, ActiveSync® and  iPhone®


IMAP supports both online and offline account access. It lets you view

messages without removing them from the server. Any changes you make are

saved on the server and available from all locations. IMAP is simple, and often used with web browsers.


POP (Post Office Protocol,) lets you read email messages without a constant Internet connection.

POP downloads the messages from the server to your local computer or phone.

While you can save a copy of the messages on your server, changes made from

the computer are saved on the computer, and not the server. Because it

stays on your computer or phone, you keep all of your important messages,files, and photos.


The Exchange ActiveSync® protocol provides robust synchronization for all of

your email, calendar, contacts, and other communications between your

computer, mobile phone, or Internet connection. With a Hosted Exchange

Email account and your Exchange ActiveSync-enabled phone, you have secure

access to communications from anywhere.


If you are a small business or need access to more than just email,

Exchange provides the highest level of enhanced collaboration through appointment scheduling, shared documents and customer contacts, and delegated access to email. Group plans are available.

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