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We Do Not Allow
Morally Objectionable Activities
Including but not limited to those which are:
Fraudulent  Child pornographic
Harmful to Minors
Abusive, Threatening, or Harassing.
Obscene, Gambling, Racially, Ethnically,
or otherwise objectionable;
or that promote hate crimes or terrorism.
Note that Obscene may include Vulgar Speech,
especially if there is no common usage for the words or phrases.
Be especially cautious of Defamatory
or Libelous Speech,
which is often demonstrated in heated discussions.
(Check your facts and stick to them.)
And If,
You Plan to Spam everyone,
you can count on having your domain blacklisted,
as you to take your business elsewhere!
We will enforce these standards whenever possible,
In order to keep the All In One Web Site Solution available for
our valued, honest, and forthright clients.
Publish your thoughts, opinions, comments, and videos in your own blog, podcast—or both—anytime, day or night!  Supports multiple authors and multiple blogs or podcasts.
Keep your team members in touch and on track. Group
Email from Tweak-Geeks ensures that everyone on your team is connected, sharing the same plan, domain and features. Plus, every Tweak-Geeks Group Email address includes FREE Group Calendar, giving everyone an easy way to plan events for the entire group. Best of all, each of our Microsoft® Outlook® plans include a FREE download of Outlook 2007 so you can put the world’s most popular email software to work!
Face it: There's a right way and a wrong way to things. This is particularly true when it comes to email marketing. The last thing any law-abiding citizen ever wants is to be associated with is spam. That's why we offer Express Email Marketing. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of email marketing – and steer clear of ever being considered a spammer.
No one wants to receive marketing emails they didn't request. But there are many people who want to know about your products, company or organization. These people will welcome hearing from you and actually look forward to getting your emails. Our program lets your customers opt-in when they want to.
24/7 Phone Support Included
Keep all the time remaining on your existing domain registration, plus get a FREE 1-year extension.
Domain Transfers Keep all the time remaining on your existing  registration, plus get a FREE 1-year extension.
Also Available!
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It is our pledge that we will never give or sell any of your information used on this site. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding this policy.
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