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The Frugal Geek  
Some Businesses Still Don’t Get It !

Few small and medium businesses understand that we have begun another big technological shift, and are making plans for it.  Many small business skip the planning stage, and then have to administer reactively.  The Administrators and Support Techs are also to blame, for not understanding or anticipating what small and medium business will need.  Put bluntly, many of them just don’t care, unless its’ a 500 desktop rollout.

Many businesses try to patch in technology, because it sounds good, or worked for their buddy.  And, incredibly, they don’t call a professional.  They might call a computer “Repairman”, but only if their totally uncertified “Computer Person” at work can’t fix it. Planning is an afterthought.  Sometimes lavish systems are put in, usually because their franchise requires it.  These systems often work for a limited scope of the business, leaving everything else in a confusion.

Don’t think small.when it comes to small business, think “Cost Effective.”
With new technologies comes controversy.
Workstation versus Desktop PC or Notebook.
Dual Processor versus 64 Bit and even more processors.
Security and Security Policies, versus Company Policy.
Outdated Platforms versus secure new platforms, with much greater requirements.
When it comes to organization, security, technology, or just being competitive, ...
You know you can’t keep doing things the way that you have, ...
or you’ll be left behind in the dust!

You Need Secure,
Cost Effective Solutions for your business!
We believe Microsoft Small Business Server  and
Windows Server 20008, are the best solutions.
We have Network, E-Commerce, Dot.Net2.0, Active Directory, business intelligence,
database and MS/SQL Server Experts at your service.
We offer some of the latest cutting-edge software and solutions.
We are a Microsoft Partners Program Registered Partner. Personally, I am the
Tweak-Geeks, Microsoft Certified System Administrator.
Our knowledge and experience will help you
find the best cost effective solution.
If you have a small or medium business in South-East Michigan,
feel free to give me a call at 734-692-9500.

Tweak-Geeks can save you real dollars!
Register your domain, set up your web site and mail accounts cheaper than anywhere!
Or call us and we will do all the work.
Check out the Frugal Geek to see why you might want to invest in new equipment now andother topics.  

Email us with your questions at Webadmin
(Yes, even before you set up your site, but please register a domain.
You will be glad you did.)   
Box 412
Trenton MI. 48183
Tel: (734)-692-9500.
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